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LOGGER Digital Audio Logger, Monitor and Alert System gives you the tools to do more...

LOGGER Digital Audio Logger, Monitor, and Alert System is a comprehensive radio and television audio logging product designed to meet compliance, proof, audit, programming, management, and engineering needs.


•Up to 16 stereo (or 32 virtual mono) channels of logging are available. Choose from a variety of wav audio devices, and AM, FM, and TV tuner boards. Most popular audio storage formats are supported.

•Advanced tools provide the Program Director or Consultant with everything needed for quick review or detailed analysis of the entire market. Of course, time based and microphone Skimmer modes are included.

•A ‘Virtual Radio’ style player allows switching between multiple stations during playback as though listening to a radio in real-time.

•Real-time monitoring of Audio Level and RF Signal Strength (When equipped with ASI Tuner Boards.) with an extensive alarm system provides quick alerts to help avoid lost air time.

LOGGER RDS Viewer also available

LOGGER gives you the tools to do more...


24-7 Non-Stop Recording. User adjustable shred timer.


Proof of program and commercial content.

Talent Monitor

Monitor your stations’ performance.

Market Analysis

Monitor your competition’s performance.

Virtual Mic Skimmer

Easily review your talent’s performance. Have your cake and eat it too. Rather than record only during ‘Mic Open’ like others, LOGGER records the entire program along with ‘Mic Open’ markers. ‘Mic Skimming’ is performed during playback by clicking to jump between the markers.

Virtual Timed Skimmer

Easily review your competition’s performance. Timed skimming is useful for determining what you competitor is playing (music or commercials). A few seconds of the recording is played, then playback jumps forward by a preset amount and the process repeats. A set of forward buttons are also available to jump in convenient increments.

Extended Support for Audio Science Tuner Boards

In addition to standard audio logging functions, when LOGGER is used with the 87xx series ASI tuner boards, RF signal strength monitoring and alarm functions are available to alert you and respond to off air conditions.

Up to 16 Stereo or 32 Mono Channels

Record up to 16 stereo channels or 32 mono channels. A file splitter allows you to split stereo files into separate left and right mono files.


LOGGER is available in a variety of configurations to meet your current and future needs. Upgrading capacity as your requirements change is both easy and affordable

Off Air Alert & Response

LOGGER can monitor RF signal strength on selected channels and respond automatically in the event of carrier failure. (When equipped with ASI Tuner Boards.) An extensive alarm system quickly alerts to help avoid lost air time.

· Play a wav file through the station PA system

· Send a serial command to a switcher or modem

· Dial a pager or phone

· Send an Email message

· Issue a DOS command to run your own program

· Use TTL to control your own lamps or warning devices

Dead Air Alert & Response

LOGGER can monitor audio level on selected channels and respond automatically in the event of Dead Air. The same alarm system listed above quickly alerts help to avoid lost air time.

PodCast Recorder

Use LOGGER to record files for your station’s PodCast.

Time Shift Recorder

Record programs for later playback.

Repeat Broadcast Recorder

Record live programs for ‘Repeat’ playback.

Best of Show Recorder

Record live programs for editing into ‘Best of’ shows.

Promo Recorder

Record live programs for editing into Promos.

Supports most Windows Sound Cards

Supports most Windows sound cards for economical operation.

Web Browser Access to Files

Friendly, customizable Web Browser access to recorded files over the local LAN, WAN or the Internet. Download files to your desktop or click to play them with your favorite media player.

Logger Web Server

Virtual Radio Player

Only LOGGER gives you a Virtual Radio Player that allows you to listen to your stations or market history on a push-button radio. Quickly switch between Channels to hear what each station was playing at that time. Available for operation on multiple desktops over the LAN.

Logger Player

To learn more about how LOGGER can benefit your station(s), contact us today at 1-310-831-2234 or email sales@pristinesys.com.

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