RDS Logo LOGGER RDS Viewer and Logger

Pristine Systems' new LOGGER RDS adds RDS data monitoring and capture to your Logger system.

Logger RDS Screen


Continuously displays up to 16 channels of RBDS data from FM broadcast stations. RBDS data normally includes station Call Letters, Artist, Title, Sponsor and other content related messages. Since broadcasters have two different methods of displaying RBDS data on receivers, BBRDS displays both PS and RT types simultaneously.


Log RDS PS and RT data to a text file for viewing and searching later. Its a great way to see what your jocks have played quickly. It also allows you to see what the other stations are playing for format or sponsor purposes.

RDS Text Alerts

RDS Text Alert is a unique feature that constantly monitors the RDS data streams in search of user-defined words. An Alert window will pop-up whenever incoming text matches the RDS alert text entered for that tuner. PS and RT are scanned accordingly. Easily search for specific events that occured during the day.

Supports AudioScience Tuner Adapters

The latest series of AudioScience Tuner Adapters include RDS data functions. LOGGER RDS is designed to take advantage of this feature. Note: LOGGER RDS requires one or more of these tuner adapters.

Audio Output Tuner Selection

AudioScience Tuner adapters have separate audio outputs for each tuner. However LineOut 1s audio source may be selected from all available tuners on the adapter. This allows a single monitor output to switch to any tuner and could be useful for remotely controlling the source feeding a streaming computer.

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