Control Room-7 Automation and Playout Systems. Our 4th generation Automation and Play out system. Features not possible with previous products. Control Room-7 Screen
      LOGGER Screen USB HotBox the perfect accessory for the busy control room. USB HotBox bring the Control Room-7 functions you use most to a convenient button panel for quick access. The HotBox makes it easier to operate without a mouse or keyboard during busy or stressful live situations.
LOGGER The World's Leading Digital Audio Logger, Monitor and Alert System is now available in both English and Spanish. LOGGER Screen
Summit Traffic Screen Summit Traffic Optimized Traffic and Billing for Radio, Television, and Cable.

Control Room-7 Since 1983, Pristine Systems has served the broadcast industry with premium automation and play out systems. Our 4th generation Control Room-7 builds upon our extensive knowledge in the field. read more...